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What We Did When Mummy Got Cancer

The main aim in creating the book has been to provide parents and carers with an accessible, friendly and non-threatening resource that can be used to explain the sometimes frightening and daunting experience of cancer within the family.

The story has been vetted and approved by the Oncology team at Ipswich Hospital, ensuring that all information is medically accurate and that the process is made as clear as possible to a young audience. In normalising the process, it is hoped that many of the worries and questions raised by children in these circumstances will be allayed.

The child and parent-friendly format is designed to give those using the book an opportunity to spend time explaining the process to children, using the time-honoured, familiar and comforting method of cuddling up with a story book.

I hope that you find the book helpful and I welcome any feedback or comments you would like to make.

Wishing you all good luck and positive outcomes on your cancer journey.


About the author


Katherine Simpson-Jacobs

Katherine was diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer in August 2013, when her two daughters were aged just four and six. In the difficult weeks following diagnosis, the task she found the hardest was finding an appropriate way to explain it all to her children. Katherine came up with the apple analogy, which was readily understood and accepted by her children; she was then inspired to write a book with the aim of helping other families in her situation. After much searching, Katherine was introduced to Charlotte Jade O’Reilly, whose sensitive and vibrant illustrations brought the text to life. The book became a reality.

Following treatment, Katherine has since returned to full-time teaching and living life to the full, spending as much time as possible with her family on the beautiful river Deben in Suffolk, where she lives.

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